At Frömönda® we are passionate about providing men with a premium natural product, superior in quality of ingredients, effectiveness, and performance to the many products produced from inexpensive and often dangerous chemicals and talcum powder. We believe what a company chooses to leave out of their products says just as much about them, as the ingredients they include, which is why we carefully and meticulously selected each ingredient for it's effectiveness and purity, choosing ingredients like pure essential oils over perfumes and fragrances made from petrochemicals. Frömönda® is both good for the body and the environment.
Men's health is our foremost concern, so not only do we make healthy products, we also give back 10% of all of our profits to organizations which support men's health and well being. Please see our giving back page for more details.  The health of the American economy and the environment are equally as important to us, so we source our bottles, labels, packaging, and ingredients from small businesses in America.  Our labels are either manufactured from unbleached recycled Kraft paper or a biopolymer made from corn rather than petrochemicals.  Even our packaging materials are made from shredded wood, corn, or sorghum starch.
We are so confident that our customers will find our products superior in every way, that we guarantee your complete satisfaction.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us for information on where to send the remaining product within 30 days of purchase, and we will issue a complete refund.
Although we take our product quality and customer satisfaction very seriously, we do not take ourselves seriously.  Our company name and logo clearly demonstrate the light hearted humor at our core.
Our mission is simple.  Be healthy, give back, and laugh everyday.