Is Talcum Powder Dangerous?


Several years back after a persistent cough had been nagging me for some time, I finally made the decision to go to a doctor.  Diagnosing me with bronchitis my doctor was clearly frustrated with how long I had waited to before making an appointment to see her.  "It is always men", she said, stating that we men wait until we have done damage to our bodies before we finally do something about it.  Like the Black Knight in Monte Python And The Holy Grail, we men sometimes fail to admit we have been beaten even when we have had our figurative limbs cut off.  The doctor's and my wife's persistence, began to crack the stoic wall that two bouts of pneumonia, five incidences of bronchitis, and countless sinus and upper respiratory infections, could not break through (did I mention I have a stubborn side?)

An ounce of prevention...

Treating medical ailments after they occur does not produce a healthy life.  We men need to be more proactive when it comes to our health.  One of the ways we can live a healthier lifestyle is in the choice of products we consume.  For many men choosing a talcum powder to help control moisture and keep the boys comfortable, is a decision we put little thought into, but if we knew more about the products we put into and onto our bodies, we may make better choices.

Talcum powder, a soft mineral compound of magnesium silicate, has been shown in numerous studies to lead to various types of cancers, including lung and ovarian cancers.  While it is true that cosmetic grade talc has been asbestos free since 1973, the mineral characteristics of talcum powder is similar to asbestos and has been shown to cause cancers in laboratory animals.  Well researched talcum powder dangers can be found at American Cancer Society and the Cancer Prevention Coalition.  Additionally the miners of talcum powder are exposed to high levels of talc which increases their risk of respiratory related diseases.

Talc is cheap but actions speak louder than words.

If there are dangers to using talc, why is it used in so many products?  The short answer: it is very effective in controlling moisture, and it is cheap.  Talcum powder can be purchased in bulk at a fraction of the cost of effective alternatives such as arrowroot powder and kaolin. Profitability is essential for every business and cheap ingredients make for strong profit margins.  Natural body powders are more expensive to produce, which is why few large companies use natural and organic ingredients in them.  Natural and organic personal care products for men are one of the fastest growing markets, particularly among younger men who are more concerned about healthy lifestyles.  They also have no desire to use the baby powder their mother applied to them as infants, or medicine smelling talc products that leave them smelling like their grandfather.

"The way to get started is to quit talcing and begin doing."  -Walt Disney

Maybe this quote is not exactly how Walt Disney said it, but men if you are still using baby powder or talc and would like to use a  powder which is healthier for you and smells like a man should, then I suggesting you quit talking about it and begin doing something about it.  As the summer approaches and the thermometer rises, men will start to develop more of the uncomfortable bat wings, chafing, crotch rot that goes with summer activities.  Sitting in the outfield at Wrigley Field has been a memorable experience for me, but the warm sun and close proximity to 41,000 fans, leads to more ball handling off the field than on the field.  

"Threats without power are like powder without ball"  -Nathan Bailey

The threat to your health from talcum powder is real, but men you have the power to make a better choice.  A natural body powder for men will help keep your boys cool and fresh all summer, without the dangers of talc.  As Nathan Bailey knew hundreds of years ago, powder and balls will give men the power to keep your boys free.
Written by Scott Hewitt


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