Five Ways You’re Probably Waking Up Wrong

five ways you're waking up wrong

Morning breath. Cold toilet seats. Hangovers. There are dozens of reasons to give mornings one very specific finger each time you wake up. But they don’t have to be all bad. Whether you’re prepping for work, school or a day off, avoiding a few pitfalls can make the start of each day (nearly) enjoyable. At the very least, it’ll help you be more alert, more productive and more energized. Plus you’ll look and feel (and smell) your best.

1. You’re hitting snooze

Just nine more minutes. Maybe 18. Why not 27? While it’s stupid that clocks refuse to give you an even 10-minute break, it’s even dumber to smash that snooze button. Here’s why: it actually makes you more tired. Your body operates according to some pretty intricate processes and rhythms. The more regular you can make those rhythms, the happier you’ll be. Consistent patterns teach your body when to wake up and your sleep cycle adapts accordingly.

Hitting that all-too-tempting button throws those sophisticated processes out of whack. Waking up once tells your body it’s time to get out of rest mode. Trying to nab those extra less-than-10 minutes drops your body back into a deep rest, then jerks you out of it before your body’s ready. No bueno.

2. You’re not working out

You try to hit the gym, right? Or maybe you go for outdoor cardio, like a daily run or bike ride. (If you’re not doing something, you probably should be.) Best way to make that happen? Get it out of the way first thing. Number one, you’ll enjoy an empty gym. But better yet, it has lasting effects throughout your day. Adding exercise into your morning routine will make you more productive and increase your metabolism throughout the day.

3. You’re not drinking enough water

Hydration is key, especially when you’re waking up from a bunch of hours without any water. That’s why adding one or two tall glasses of H2O to your AM ritual can generate some real positive power. Water increases alertness (not surprising when your brain is 90-something percent agua), and gives your immune system a boost. Because it’s never too early to start banking those personal days at work.

4. Your bathroom ritual

There are some important tasks accomplished in this particular portion of your abode. Part of that comes with shaving. Don’t lather up before you hit the showers. Instead, let the steam from the hot water work its own magic. It will open up your pores and soften your hairs, making your morning shave easier and more comfortable when it’s time to de-scruff.

While that’s all well and good, one of the most important (and often overlooked) steps in your bathroom ritual comes after you towel off: powder. Your nethers may be fresh as a daisy now, but your body won’t let them stay that way for long. Using a talc-free powder like Fromonda down there will keep you comfy by taking care of moisture and odor. You’ll thank your lucky stars, and so will your partner in bedroom shenanigans.

5. Eating the wrong thing for breakfast

No matter your feelings on breakfast, what you put in your body first thing makes a big impact on how you feel the rest of the day. Ditch sugary, processed foods like cereal, toaster pastries or waffles. Instead, opt for eats that are rich in fiber, protein and healthy fat; pick from stuff like eggs, avocado, quinoa and fruits/veggies. Giving your body the fuel it needs will offer sustained energy and get your metabolism moving in the right direction.

Was that so hard?

Maybe, maybe not. But integrating these practices—even if you introduce them one or two at a time—will make all the difference in the way each day goes. No matter which tips you choose to adopt, trust us: powdering your man pillow is an easy to add pep to your step. So don’t skip it.

Written by Scott Hewitt



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