3 Ways to Make Your Workout More Productive

There are a few different types of people out there. There’s the kind who would live in the gym if they could (like, legit set up a cot and cuddle with barbells when they fall asleep each night). Then there’s the kind who works out begrudgingly, because, you know, it’s the adult thing to do. It’s not their favorite activity, but they know they should take care of it. Lastly, you have the type who just doesn’t work out. Period. (If you’re reading this, that’s probably not you.)

No matter which category you fall in, there’s one thing we can all agree on: if you’re going to workout, you may as well do it right. We’ve put together a few quick tips to help make it happen.

Fuel up (and down)

There are a bazillion articles out there about proper nutrition and we won’t pretend to be experts on the matter. However, there are some cardinal rules that nearly anyone can follow. For instance, carbs are your friend before a workout. They give you the energy you need to hit the gym without falling over halfway through. After you’ve got your pump on, it’s time for some protein. This will maximize the effects of your workout by building muscle fiber and helping your body recover.

Like we said: not experts. Do some additional research or work with a nutritionist to figure out exactly how you want to tackle those points, as well as how you can incorporate supplements or find specific products that will work best for you. You should also gear your nutrition to your goals, so someone trying to lose weight will have a diet that’s very different from someone trying to bulk up.

Keep a workout journal.

It’s hard to know where you’re trying to go if you don’t know where you’ve been. This applies to a dozen different things in life, and your fitness is definitely one of them. Keeping track of your progress and processes will help you set goals, keep you from stalling out and maintain a positive trajectory.

A workout journal can also help you set a regimen that keeps you from ultimately hurting your progress. Staying organized and on top of things will ensure you’re not working the same muscle groups too closely together, missing necessary components and keep you honest.

Get an accountabilibuddy.

Weird word, great premise. Having someone to keep you accountable (and vice versa) makes you more likely to do what you say you’re going to do. That could mean getting to the gym in the first place. Whether you want to hire a trainer or simply send a “You rep?” text to a buddy, it’s a good way to keep your gains moving in the right direction.

Better yet, having a partner at the gym can make your workout less of a slog. God forbid, it may even be fun! Not to mention, you have a built-in spotter when you need one. Do you get a little competitive when you play with others? Not a bad thing. Bringing in a partner adds some motivation when you’re working on those gains.

Bonus: Use powder.

No, we’re not talking chalk. Working a natural talc-free powder like Fromonda into your exercise routine will combat one of your workout’s biggest enemies: discomfort. No one likes to chafe while they’re trying to check a workout off their to-do list. Not to mention, it can help downplay some of those funky aromas coming from down under when it’s time to chat up your gym crush.

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Written by Scott Hewitt



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